Persian Garden Singapore
Restaurant Bar & Sheesha lounge 
Traditional Persian cuisine is an acquired taste, but nevertheless will settle in nicely once one is used to the initially strong flavour of fresh herbs. It takes a mere first visit to warrant continual returns to the restaurant when diners discover their liking for more exotic Middle Eastern fare. Persian Garden Restaurant is a unique standalone Iranian cuisine which appeals to the more adventurous palates and those seeking a change in cuisine types.
The Food 

Persian cuisine is a unique blend of herbs and spices: garlic, onion, saffron, plums, prunes, diced limes, cinnamon and parsley. Like a Persian rug, it is colourful yet complex to taste-buds unaccustomed to Middle Eastern fare. However, most dishes settle in quite nicely after two mouthfuls. The menu is price affordable range for kebabs and specialty dishes.